Diversity Logistics Business Entity established in Europe

March 15, 2024

Business Entity established in Europe focused on Supplier Diversity

In line with our commitment to help our customers achieve their business goals, Magno International has created a business entity in Europe.

As a global provider of logistics services, we have always been able to provide our core services in locations all over the world.

Many of our clients operate in multiple countries, and as global trade continues to evolve; so, do our client's financial strategies.

It is important to note that the location and ability of how a client pays for global services can have a significant impact on duty, taxes, tariffs, ownership, compliance, and governing law.

In order to give our clients the flexibility to pay in Europe, and in currencies other than in U.S. dollars, Magno International is proud to have established a business entity in Ireland.

Being an established diversity logistics entity in the city of Cork aligns with the growing number of global companies that are taking advantage of the business climate in Ireland. 

Magno International recognizes that having a global presence is rare amongst diverse suppliers, and we are proud to be able to support our customers with our newly acquired capability. 

Reach out if you are looking for a diversity focused logistics supplier here.

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