Magno fully supports the vision, mission and principles of the UN Compact Agreement

September 9, 2022

Magno participates in the UN Global Compact

The UN Global Compact is a global movement of sustainable companies and stakeholders who mutually agree to conduct business responsibly by aligning strategies and operations. 

The ten principles of the UN Global Compact include the core foundations of Human Rights, Labor, The Environment, and Anti-Corruption. Signing the agreement also directs organizations to advance collaboration and innovation to broader societal goals such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

When did Magno sign the UN Global Compact Agreement?

In 2019, Magno signed the UN Global Compact Agreement. Magno views our role as 'not just a transport provider' but an enabler of our customer's vision; and a creator of value in the supply chain.

As the world has become increasingly more connected and complicated at the same time, we were hearing a recurring and clear message that our clients see themselves with an important role in sustainability, human rights, fair trade, diversity, equity, and several other societal goals. 

This aligns with our own business and core values and we recognize that the UN Global Compact Agreement is a foundation of principles that we can all work upon together. 

Why sign the UN Global Compact Agreement?

Since signing the agreement, we have taken a critical look at all the pillars of the global compact agreement to determine our impact and our ability to improve in each area. We have taken advantage of the online learning available through the UN to continue to educate ourselves and our staff. It is a process of continuous improvement and the agreement is the foundation of our business goals for improvement. 

Our approach can impact the solution design of a supply chain process. By way of example, we prioritize looking for the most eco-friendly transportation solutions at the lowest cost for our clients. There are several ways of looking at shipment density and reduced travel times. The impact of proposing alternative packaging, substitute equipment or routing changes for example can limit shipment moves to reduce environmental impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility Matters

At Magno, our reputation for being a responsible corporate citizen is highly valued by our team members. We are responsible for the present and also our legacy in the future. 

Our strong belief in the vision, mission, and principles of the UN Global Compact agreement will drive our decisions going forward in partnership with our clients who have the same ambitions to make an impact. 

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