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Jesus Lovo, Executive Vice President

Magno C-View

At Magno, we understand that timely and accurate information is critical to our customers for operating world class supply chains.  Quick access to milestone performance for our customers and their stakeholders from the drop of a purchase order through raw material sourcing all the way to final consumption and asset management helps our customers manage their business and deliver on their commitments to their customers.  C-View is a reliable information platform with easily customizable milestone options to satisfy the unique needs of our individual customers.  Additionally, C-Views myriad reporting options and pro-active exception alerts ensure our customers can decisively respond to potential disruptions in their supply chains.

We continue to invest in information system solutions that support our mission of providing our customers with the most accurate, up to date and transparent information in the market on their shipment, warehousing and order transactions.

Track and Trace

Our system is extremely robust, enabling you to search by multiple order references, e.g. PO or internal reference numbers, SKU’s, house bill or bill of lading numbers or a keyword or phrase.  Once the system provides you with the generated results, you will have full visibility of the individual transaction including a detailed timeline of each update, time and employee stamped comments and scans of associated documents.  This 360 degree visibility into your supply chain will allow you to focus your attention on the specific details or issues on any particular transaction.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

At Magno International, we can provide customers with a system to control the movement and storage of materials in a warehouse within an operation. The implementation of a WMS will help customers increase accuracy, reduce labor costs and cut cycle times.  Our system can operate as a stand-alone program or be integrated to support our customer’s ERP (e.g. SAP, Oracle or a customer’s legacy system).

Receivables Management

The accounts receivables function in C-View offers a unique service for our customers to efficient manage and monitor Magno payables within a safe and secure electronic environment.  You will have full access to invoicing details and at a shipment and invoice line item level, including the ability to run simplified reports, view images, and print invoices.  You can display, in real-time, your accounts receivable status and run analyses of invoice items and where they are in the payment cycle.  There are unlimited search possibilities and these queries can be sorted, customized, or exported to Excel by the user.

Shipment Booking

Customers are able to book shipments directly from the Magno’s C-View Portal to the Magno operating system.  This option allows our customers to send all data necessary to book a shipment with Magno ensuring accurate data is transmitted and booking instructions are delivered without any intermediate transcription thereby increasing reliability and reducing potential errors when transcribing information.  You can utilize he book shipment function for air, ocean and ground shipments including orders which include dangerous goods.  You can simply and quickly attach documents such as packing lists and commercial invoices and this information will also be transmitted directly to the Magno operating platform.


There are unlimited reporting options for you in Magno’s C-Reports driven by the current and historical shipment and order information stored in C-View.  Customers can pre-set reports based on Key Performance Indicator sets or internal reporting requirements and have these reports automatically run at periodic intervals, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.  Reports set up to run at these intervals can be fine tuned to run on specific days and specific times, e.g. “the first Monday of the month at 07:00 CST.”  These reports can also be pushed to stakeholders via email or pulled from the portal when prompted.


The Customs menu allows our customers access to Magno’s online brokerage system that is used for all customs brokerage transactions in the US.  Magno customers must be utilizing Magno operating partner Crane Trade Services for brokerage and have access provided by Crane Trade Services in order to utilize the Customs menu.  Provided our customers meet this requirement, they can access statements, activity, brokerage files and reports in C-View.