Innovative warehousing to meet the needs of home technology manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers.

Raul Pedraza, Founder and CEO

We offer a large footprint in all the major markets, and our competitive advantages lie in our ability to support four-wall operations with the latest technology and to grow according to the needs of our customers. We offer highly flexible Warehouse Management System (WMS) and offer solutions in all aspects of contract logistics and facility management.


Warehousing is a cornerstone of logistics activities. Most goods need storing during inbound, processing, distribution or reverse logistics activities. Whether you require a value-add center, a consolidation point, storage space for final goods or a distribution center, Magno provides a dedicated business development team that has experience in designing warehouse facilities to match your specific needs. We combine warehouse processes, warehouse location, inventory management and transportation services to create your optimal solution.


One of the main warehouse functions is the consolidation of shipments from multiple inbound sources into smaller, targeted outbound shipments. This involves breaking down multiple less than container load shipments, sorting and then combining them into full container load shipments. For all types of shipments, including inter and multi-modal, Magno has the ability to consolidate small shipments sourced from various international and domestic locations into larger shipments, according to customer specifications. As a freight forwarder and an NVOCC, Magno has the flexibility and network to handle a full range of consolidated shipments.


Your distribution strategy is essential to the success of your business. The correct strategy is derived by analyzing the types of destinations involved, the characteristics of your product, and the levels and types of delivery services required. Distribution must efficiently integrate into the rest of the logistics structure, whether delivering intermittent less than container loads or supporting high volumes. Magno’s distribution expertise ranges from international materials delivery to finished goods delivery in a variety of industries.