Our worldwide shipping network helps insure that supply chains are steady and keeps costs down.

Chris Monica, President
  • Design, Re-engineering, Optimization & Consulting: Magno International has a team of knowledgeable, experienced logistics professionals with demonstrated success reviewing, evaluating, and analyzing your supply chain processes to develop and optimize your supply chain for peak performance at the lowest possible delivered cost. After a supply chain assessment, Magno will recommend solutions sets to better align supply chain processes and overall business strategies for optimum internal and external performance.
  • DC (Distribution Center) Bypass: Low cost labor options in China, India and many other lower-cost sourcing countries, continue to drive imports for retailers looking for ways to stay competitive in a fiercly competitive environment and further reduce costs in their supply chains. One potential area of focus that is becoming increasingly popular is DC bypass. Under this process, goods are sorted, labeled, and boxed in store-ready packages prior to departing the manufacturers’ facility in the source country. The products are then shipped to the U.S. where they are de-consolidated and sorted at a 3PL warehouse prior to final delivery to the end customer. The DC Bypass process allows customers to capitalize on lower costs at origin, reduce handling time and ultimately increasing speed to market.
  • Project Management: The project management specialists at Magno International will collaborate with our customers using technology, sector specific experience, knowledge and global resources to help them assess a new or existing project to identify the most efficient and cost effective way to deliver on project requirements. We have the demonstrated success and track record to plan, design, implement and evaluate projects and provide seamless integration with new and existing projects or operations.
  • Transportation Management Services (TMS): The staff of Magno International Logistics can provide the necessary knowledge and experience to reduce transportation costs for customers through a single point of contact for control and tracking purposes. Our Transportation Management Services can optimize our customers’ transportation networks by: selecting the proper mode of transport based on service-level and sensitivity of product; by selecting the best carrier based on cost, service and historical performance; and by consolidating freight transactions whenever possible.