Magno has proven capabilities to support your needs, no matter what industry you’re in. Our experience, knowledge and flexibility allow us to respond to your unique requirements, and we have the demonstrated capability and capacity to bring value to the most complex industry supply chains. Our industry-specific focus allows us to quickly execute industry specific services adaptable to the unique environment in which you operate, and to design targeted solutions that improve your supply chain.

We’ll collaborate with you to make certain we understand your objectives within your industry sector to ensure your expectations are met through your product or service’s entire life cycle, from research and development all the way to reverse flow logistics and disposal. Additionally, our sector resources provide internal and external support to sales and account managers through on-going training and market awareness, knowledge sharing, quarterly business reviews, and active involvement in implementation, transition and retention.

As the automotive industry has become a global enterprise, it has also become intensely complicated, and it takes a quality freight logistics company with broad experience and in depth knowledge of parts suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers to keep production lines moving. Magno International offers end to end resource rich solutions, from scheduling to warehousing, with cost cutting efficiencies that maximize profit margins.

Our international shipping network goes wherever and whenever you need it, by road, rail, air, and sea. From inbound parts and supply transport to finished vehicle delivery, Magno International creates value through innovation, and we have the logistical knowledge and physical capabilities to get the job done, on time and on budget

Technology & Telecom
The high-tech industry is one of constant reinvention, with product cycles that seem to get shorter and ever-increasing demand for power and performance in both the consumer and business sectors. The “latest and greatest” mentality demands a dedication to continued improvement from manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, and the logistics operators supporting their activity.

Without informed forecasting and a detailed knowledge of the industry, businesses run the risk of having entire inventory lines rendered obsolete by a new advancement. Magno International has that expertise, and backs it up with positive and flexible logistical support that’s second to none. From supply scheduling and warehousing to full inventory management optimization, Magno offers quality end to end solutions that add cost-cutting efficiencies and increase value throughout our clients’ supply chains. The Telecom industry has experienced explosive growth since its earliest days, and that trend shows no sign of abating. That growth is fueled by massive amounts of equipment, and it’s an enormous challenge to keep that technology flowing from manufacturer to provider.

The complex nature of high speed modern telecommunications can involve hundreds if not thousands of worldwide suppliers and manufacturers, and Magno International is uniquely positioned to deliver positive and flexible logistical support and transport services to each link in the chain. When multi-million dollar installations are on the line, Magno offers resource rich solutions that can make the difference.


Equipment manufacturing and delivery remains one of the cornerstones of modern industry, but as globalization has increased, so has the complexity involved in the transportation requirements. Supply chains stretch into overseas markets, lengthening lead times, while customers demand more speed and faster service. Magno International has spent years developing a worldwide shipping network, bringing hand-on experience and logistical support for metallurgy companies and businesses in associated fields.

We have solid relationships with international air and ocean carriers, and create added value to those relationships with innovative inventory and forecasting tools to ensure redundant and uninterruptable supply chains. Magno’s expertise helps our customers to design proactive solutions, giving our clients the ability to take advantage of market fluctuations in pricing and capacity and improve their planning capabilities.


Ranking among the fastest growing industries in the world today, Medical Equipment manufacturers and Pharmaceutical companies have high volume resource delivery needs made more difficult by national and international health regulations. Shipments are often time sensitive, and world class logistical support doesn’t just mean money saved, it can mean lives saved.

Magno International provides that world class level of support, with resource rich solutions and healthcare industry specific knowledge and experience that increase efficiencies over the long term, from manufacturer to provider. Full regulatory compliance, security, and up to date certifications for operations across the globe make Magno the choice for quality medical and healthcare related transport services.


Civilian contractors help bolster military effectiveness, and Magno International is proud to offer a comprehensive catalog of logistical support services to the armed forces and our warfighters. Supply transport for the military is complicated by heavy and bulky payloads, complex international relations, and often hazardous conditions on the ground.

Magno overcomes those obstacles with processes tested and proven on the ground in some of the toughest environments in the world and an unwavering commitment to continued improvement. We offer a global shipping network and high security operations internationally, with established presence in advantageous locations, providing positive and flexible reinforcement for critical supply lines.

Consumer Retail

As with other technology focused markets, the electronics industry has enjoyed tremendous growth, but with that growth has come significant challenges in meeting the demand for more goods faster. The consumer electronics sector is driven by innovation, and Magno International helps manufacturers and retailers meet consumer demand, while at the same time minimizing the risks of overstock or worse, failing to capitalize on a trend.

Magno offers robust inventory management tools, vendor management, supply scheduling, and forecasting aids to help manufacturers and retailers accurately assess and meet demand, minimizing waste and improving profit margins.


Razor thin margins, tight regulation, and fierce competition make the aerospace industry prove the adage “time is money” on a daily basis. Profits are dependent on keeping aircraft out of the hangars and in the air, and accomplishing that requires a quality shipping partner. Part supply chains and cargo deliveries are time sensitive, complicated by overlapping routes and multiple hubs. When it comes to resource rich solutions, Magno International is the carrier other carriers turn to.

Magno International creates value for aerospace firms with innovative distribution and logistical support solutions that include supply management, inventory control, warehousing, and powerful tracking and reporting tools that increase efficiencies and cut operating costs. Magno is committed to continued improvement, by implementing the latest technology and expanding their worldwide network, through positive and professional staff, and by offering the most flexible solutions in the business.


The energy industry is a complicated aggregation of diverse and unique sectors, covering everything from oil to nuclear power. One thing holds true for everyone involved- it’s a 24/7/365 business. Demand for energy never stops, and delivering zero downtime takes a positive and flexible logistics solution provider. Magno International offers resource rich solutions that power the energy industry.

We have established relationships with quality suppliers and carriers around the world, ensuring that distribution lines are uninterrupted. Magno creates value for clients with innovative tools that give unprecedented control over inventory management, increasing efficiencies and cutting costs.