We have a simple project management methodology at Magno: Start right, stay right.

Raul Pedraza, Founder and CEO

Our Account Management process ensures that our customers’ unique requirements are clearly understood and documented processes are put in place to achieve results that exceed our customers’ expectation. The process begins during the implementation strategy with the Magno Control Tower. Our Control Tower is a central management point with clear operational and systems hierarchies with clearly defined escalation paths for our customers. Our team ensures the implementation is clearly mapped out and understood by all participants for a seamless transition. We create a detailed scope of work for each customer and communicate all responsibilities and indicators to evaluate the success of a program. Our global IT platform offers transparency and visibility tools so that a shipment from start to finish. Daily internal review of the key performance indicators allows Magno to monitor progress and respond to our customer’s daily needs swiftly. We ensure accountability and continuous improvement through our formalized Quarterly Business Review process where we monitor performance against mutually agreed upon Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). This strategic approach to account management adds flexibility, scalability and predictability to all customers’ supply chains.

At Magno, we understand the importance of a systemic implementation process to ensure the durability and sustainable success of any logistics solution. Whether the solution is for shipping cargo across town or managing end to end logistics in a stand-alone contract logistics facility, implementing an operation for the first time or changing providers can be a daunting task. The disruption and un-quality caused by a poor start-up process can easily outweigh the expected benefits of a new program.

We have a simple project management methodology at Magno; “start right, stay right”. We manage every new project in a professional, pragmatic and structured way, regardless of the scope. Our focus is a collaborative effort utilizing agreed upon milestones (timetables) to ensure mutual objectives are met. It focuses our combined efforts on disciplined process designed to execute the solution on time and on budget.

Our implementation team will work with you through five stage gates addressing details within each category including a suite of standardized documents and tools.