Magno’s approach to Customer Solutions is built on two foundational elements; Account Management and Industry Sectors.  First, our customers’ business is unique within their respective market so it’s essential that we develop and stay current with solution sets that meet the demanding requirements of their goods and services; and many times our given expertise in one sector can be leveraged to benefit another, e.g. the processes we use for time critical shipments within the healthcare sector has been applied to the movement of critical aerospace components.  The second critical aspect of our Customer Solutions is Magno’s Account Management structure. 
We develop standardized processes and procedures to customize a solution to our customer’s needs with dedicated personnel assigned to manage and monitor customer activity.  Our Account Management process is driven and differentiated in the marketplace through our global IT platform which offers our customers transparency and visibility to all transactions in our network from start to finish.  We work with each customer during the development and design phase to understand every touch point along the customer’s supply chain to ensure maximum efficiencies are realized at the lowest possible delivered cost.