Magno International is committed to protecting our environment through reducing fuel consumption and improving air quality for future generations. Sustainability, to us, is ensuring that every decision that every employee makes contributes to the long term preservation of the communities and to the environment in which we operate. Our commitment extends to our operating platform in which we have a carbon footprint calculator that measures the carbon footprint of each transaction with Magno; this allows our customers to baseline carbon footprint by the various services and model the impact in modal, electronic and transit time changes.

Magno International is a SmartWay Transport Partner. We measure our environmental impact through the utilization of reporting tools as it relates to carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate matter, and have set an overarching goal of reducing our emissions year over year, as measured in grams per mile (g/Mile) and/or grams per ton-mile (g/Ton-Mile) by introducing efficiency initiatives into our fuel consumption, transportation and supply-chain management programs.

The Standard set forth in our Sustainability Policy fully supports our company’s commitment to preventing pollution by conserving energy and resources, recycling, reducing waste and pursuing other source reduction strategies; continually improving our environmental management system; and working together with our stakeholders on activities that promote environmental protection and stewardship.