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Raul Pedraza, Founder and CEO

Magno’s entrepreneurial spirit is rooted in its Founder and Chief Executive Officer Raul Pedraza’s personal history. Raul followed his calling to serve our country and enlisted in the U.S. Army four days after his 17th birthday. He first served in Field Artillery and subsequently in the Tactical Battlefield Nuclear Weapons arena. He served almost exclusively overseas in Germany as a member of V Corps and Hawaii as a member of the 25th Infantry Division. Raul was named U.S. Army Europe (USAEUR) Soldier of the year in 1978 and was awarded two(2) Army commendation Medals (ARCOMS) and a Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) prior to his honorable discharge in 1982. While serving he attended University of Maryland where he earned his undergraduate degree and later completed his MBA at Harvard University while actively running his business. Like many veterans before him, he chose to apply the management skills, discipline and commitment to execution he learned in the U.S. military to start up a business of his own providing pickup and delivery service trucking services to the local South Florida market.

Raul’s started Eagle Transfer, named for the U.S. Army’s proud “Screaming Eagles” with his first truck that he purchased with $7500 in savings from his Army days. Eagle Transfer grew quickly and Raul expanded across the synergistic supply chain lines of warehousing and distribution, Customs Brokerage and Global Freight Forwarding. After Eagle Transfer became The Eagle Companies, Raul merged with publicly traded Eagle USA Airfreight (no relation) in April of 1997. EUSA grew into becoming EGL (EAGL Nasdaq) and Mr. Pedraza grew right along with the company serving in several key senior executive capacities ending with the post of President Latin America and Advisor to the Chairman when he separated to found Magno International, LP.